Book a tasting at Delhi House

Want to book a special night for you and your friends? Check out our tastingsat Delhi House Streetfood & Cocktailbar, and choose the one you are most interested in. All bookings are done via email to

Food tasting

Are you interested in our menu and would like to try out more than just a few dishes? Book a food tasting for you and your friends and find new favourites from Delhi House.

- 5 or 7 dishes from our menu


- welcome drink

- meat, vegetarian, vegan or a

   combo of all three

- min. 4 persons, max. 16 persons.

- estimated time: 3 hours

- price: 65€/person for 5 dishes
  price: 85€/person for 7 dishes

Drink tasting

Start up the night with a drink tasting at Delhi House, where you can try out some of our delicious drinks from the menu, or why not let the bartender mix something special for you?


- 5 drinks from our list

- Small snacks

- 1-8 persons, for more please 

  discuss with our staff

- estimated time: 2-2,5 hours

- price: 30€/person

- for alcoholfree choise, please

  contact the staff

Beer & Wine tasting

For all our beer or wine lovers we have made it so you can book a beer or a wine tasting with our specialists. The beer is from Keppo Brewery and wines are our in house wines.


- 6 drinks

- specialist who is presenting the

  beer or the wine

- small snacks to go with drinks

- min. 8 persons, max. 16 persons

- estimated time: 3 hours

- price: 45€/person