A special Tuesday

To all our customers, you are amazing!

We have had a really crazy time, and these last few weekends have been a lot to handle. We are more than glad to see so many of you here, and have tried to find a table for you even if the time schedule is really tight. Some have given us complains about having so short time to enjoy the food and the drinks, so tomorrow Tuesday (25.3) we will be open from 16:00 and will be open as long as you want us to. And that is not all, for all of you who comes for a meal, we will give you a surprise dessert on the house!

We really do appreciate every single on of our customers, and your feedback means a lot to us. Welcome to Delhi House tomorrow! The idea came from this; The news about our restaurang came out a year ago, and since then our goal has been to deliver a real taste of India to the city. April came and we were as good as ready to open, but were still missing the heart of the whole operation, our chef Randhir.  We waited a few months, and decided in July to open up the Cocktailbar and at least enjoy the summer. The support and love we got from you were more then amazing, and we kept our doos open during fall. Finally Randhir and his family got the thumbs up and were able to come to Finland. In the month of November we served our first customers, and could not be happier with the outcome.

The most important for us is that you, our customers, are happy with the food and service. That is why your feedback is worth so much and we really do care about all our guests. Our restaurant is not that big, we only have about 50 seats for customers during winter time, and the amount of bookings have been crazy. If you want to know some fun facts about Delhi House; 9 persons in the staff 75 days of serving food 670 bookings trough our website 3500 dinner customers  and many more to come

If we could, we would be open every day and have twice as many seatings, maybe that is something for the future. But for now we look forward to release our new menu this spring, and hopefully get to open up the terrace as soon as possible.

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